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Field Services and Door Knock Service
This service consists of sending one of our field representatives' to your debtor's residence or place of employment to perform any or all of the following tasks:
  • Face to Face Interview
  • Verification of Occupancy
A Field Service Report is prepared and sent to you at the end of the assignment.
Our Field Service Representatives give your organization a professional, courteous, experienced field agent who knows their area and can do field services in a timely manner. .
Face to Face Interview and Verification of Occupancy
Attempts to speak with the right party are made within three business days of the receipt of your assignment. If the right party responds to the door knock, the agent introduces themselves to the customer and conducts a Face to Face interview that conveys a message to call you urgently. Our physical presence adds a higher repayment priority to your debt. Your letter is delivered and an effort is made to have the borrower call you immediately.
Neighbor visits are made in the event of no contact or if there is evidence of vacancy or property sale.
Just as with our General Field Call, the focus of this product is to provide collection support with our field work, by making contact with your debtor and relaying the message to call you urgently. In addition you will receive the standard industry information relative to the condition of the collateral.
A) Residential Property
B) Commercial Property
The Customer Credential Process is provided to our customers for verifying companies, offices, & locations.
Montoya & Associates Advance Process Field Services' verification program is designed to authenticate a business address, personnel, etc. During the site visit a customized interview is conducted with management and digital photographs are taken of their office.
Allow us to be your eyes on verifying the extent of Damage your Collateral has sustained. You will receive a detailed Condition report upon completion.
Custom Field Services
Many clients need a customized Field Service including: photographs of the collateral, more visits and a visit at night or on weekends. Many clients have additional documentation delivery requirements, such as applications for HAMP or internal workout programs.
As part of our service we will work with your unique needs to meet your expectations. In addition, we can customize our Field Reports to meet your specific informational needs.
As a service provider to a broad spectrum of financial services, our experienced management team will work with you to develop the campaign specifications and validation to meet your unique needs.
Sample Field Report.pdf (PDF — 25 KB)
If your clients are not found at the address you provide we can help!
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